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Course on Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety at IIT Bombay [Sept 10-14]: Registrations Open!


This course will provide an overview of the current legislation, standards, and practices related to environmental health and safety in the workplace. This will include topics on occupational health and safety regulations, hazardous materials management, biological, physical and chemical hazards identification and risk assessment, use of personal protective equipment, and industrial toxicology. Environmental exposure standards, human exposure, and dose assessment, environmental monitoring of air, water, food, soil and microorganisms, and personal monitoring will be additionally examined.

The safety performance and management in occupational environments including hazard identification and hazard process analysis (such as HAZOP) will also be covered. The concepts will be further strengthened through case studies from the construction, chemical, and oil and gas industries. The learning will be also be enhanced through demonstration of environmental monitoring equipment.

Course Outlines
  • OSH regulations and acts (e.g. Factories Act and Rules, Environmental Pollution Act, Mines Acts and Rules, Workmen Compensation Act, OSHA Standards)
  • Occupational Health and Hygiene (e.g.Physical chemical hazards their health effects, surveying methods, Control measures and protective equipment, industrial toxicology, and risk assessment),
  • Safety performance and Management Techniques (e.g. hazard analysis logical analysis – HAZOP, safety inspection – safety action, fire hazard, and firefighting),
  • Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control (e.g. environmental exposure standards, human exposure and dose assessment, environmental monitoring of air, water, food, soil and microorganisms, personal monitoring),
  • Case studies from construction, chemical and oil, and gas industries.
Who can Attend?

This short course is intended to provide an overview of the environmental health and safety in occupational settings to students, faculty members in science and engineering colleges as well as professional in industries. Demonstration of environmental monitoring techniques will further help the learning of the students, working industry professionals and faculty members.


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