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Course on Training in Continuous Flow Processes at IIT Bombay [Sept 16- Oct 11]: Registrations Open!


Continuous Flow Processes provide an attractive alternative for an environmentally friendly, economically viable and safe operation in medium to large-scale chemical plants. It has been projected as the process of choice for the chemical factories of tomorrow. Continuous flow process tools are modular in nature enable one to have flexible and compact chemical production units wherein multiple products can be manufactured without much down time.
In fact the progress in continuous flow processes for industrial production is growing at such a fast pace that sooner the conventional batch reactions will become obsolete wherever the flow processes are feasible.
Therefore, it is essential for each chemical producing unit to learn, adapt and transfer their processes into continuous flow processes. However in India, the awareness of the continuous flow process is below par both in academic as well as in industrial units. We feel there is a strong requirement to train the next generation of human resources to create critical mass. In this direction, we undertook the challenge of training process and R&D scientists in the art and skill of continuous flow process.

Course Outline

Lectures Introduction of continuous flow process Microreactors Time-space relationship Effect of mixing and plug flow reactions Heat and mass transfer Advantages of continuous flow processes All about fittings All about reactors All about pumps Downstream Tools In-line Process monitoring tools Homogeneous reactions Heterogeneous reactions Reaction involving hazardous intermediates Reactions involving unstable intermediates
Protection/deprotection free chemistry Continuous flow processes for API’s Continuous flow nanoparticle synthesis Safety issues related to flow tools How to convert batch process into flow process Selection of tools for a given flow process Design of Experiments Hands-on Practical training: Various tube Reactors and connectors.
Continuous dosing pumps: Syrris, Fuji, Isco, Holmarc, HNP Microsystem magnetically coupled gear pumps, Bischoff, New Era etc. Pumping of air sensitive reagents like BuLi and Grignard reagent Reactors: Syrris, vapourtec.

Who can Attend?

R&D Team of Chemical Industries


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Phone Number: 022 2572 2545

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