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Workshop on Creative Thinking & Design Education in Schools by National Institute of Design [May 20-24, Ahmedabad]: Register by May 13

Creativity and Design are going to play a critical role in preparing children for the future. With the importance of Design now being realised in various spheres across the world, it is important that our students also become sensitised right in the initial stages of their learning.

The objective of the workshop is to help towards understanding the role of creativity and design thinking in schools system as well as develop some practical know-how methods and assignments to be implemented in classrooms.
The workshop will consist of interactive presentations, discussion on case studies as well as internalising the learning through hands-on assignments and methods.

Who should apply

Teachers across subject areas and children studying from 5th to 9th std. with an interest and aptitude towards creativity are invited to participate in the workshop.

Workshop Content

Module 1: Most schools do have art and craft periods but the emphasis is more on developing skills than on creativity and purposeful expressions. Creativity has to be brought back to the art and craft sessions so that they go far beyond developing skills.
Module 2: Introducing design and creativity as part of field visits/engaging with heritage crafts Observation, sensitization to the environment and its connect with design and the man-made world, understanding material culture, creative exploration of material, image building & understanding of cultural symbols could happen through this module
Module 3: Introducing design and creativity as a separate subject with independent periods This would involve assignments on creative problem solving and opportunity building etc. and could really help in getting the children oriented to lateral thinking. This might also result in a project based integrated educational approach.
Module 4: Introducing design and creativity as part of other subjects A creative approach to learning various subjects could be developed. Developing creative teaching-learning methods for science, history, mathematics based on creativity and a learning by doing-learning by thinking approach will be explored. Further, this could be developed for the B.Ed course module.


A maximum of 25-30 teachers can participate in the workshop of 5 days.

Fee and Registration

Rs. 25,000/- + GST [Non-residential workshop fees includes one set of material, lunch and two refreshments for five days] to be paid by Demand Draft / Pay Order before one week of the program in favour of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, payable at Ahmadabad. (for NEFT payment detail please mail to
Kindly send nominations on your company letterhead indicating Name/s, Designation, Address, Phone No, Fax No, and Email Id of the nominees along with the fee to: National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007 INDIA.


Tel: 079 26629 746 / 767 Fax: 079 26621167 Rupali Sinha: 09328136526 E-mail:,

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