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Elan & Nvision’18: IIT Hyderabad’s Techno-cultural Fest [Feb 9-11]: Registrations Open

Elan & Nvision’18 is a Techno-cultural Fest organized by IIT Hyderabad on February 9-11. It has a number of cultural and technical events along with pro-nites to add to the wonderful experience at the fest.

  • Dance: Break Free, Nrityanjali, Step-up
  • Music: Vibrazione, Octaves, DJ wars
  • Drama: Nukkad Natak, Stand Up, Stage, Lend Your Voice
  • Movie-making and photography: Film Fare Fiesta, Picelectic
  • Art: Face-painting, Arts Exhibition, Nail Art, Mehendi, Clay Modelling
  • Radio Events: RJ Hunt


  •  Elektronika: DTMF Race, Electronic Bloopers, Jugaad It, IoT Challenge, Coffee Conversation
  • Equilibria: Junkyard Wars, Bridge builder
  • E-cell: Crowd Pitch, Salesman of Fest
  • Torque: Drift King, Card Pro
  • Robotix : Robo Wars, Robo Pirates, Line Robo, Robo Soccer
  • Cepheid: Galelio Project, Aquanaut
  • Kludge: Enigma, Hack a Maze
  • Infero: Pro-quest, Algorithma
  • Quizzes: Scitech Quiz, Automobile quiz
  • Online: Hello World, El Matrico
  • Quadcopter
  • Paper presentation


  • Lan Gaming
  • Final Destination
  • Foodathon
  • Casino
  • Minute To Win It
  • Mad Ads
  • Walk The Ramp
  • Social Experiment
  • Wheel-of-Fortune
  • Paper Plane
  • Coffee Conversation

Litr Events

  • Mr Detective
  • Quiz Conclave


  • Manthan
  • FBB Miss femina
  • Elan-e-Jang

Click here to find details of the events.
Feb 9-11
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  • Srujan Bazar (Overall Coordinator):
  • Chirayu Kothari (Finance and Hospi Core): +91-9642621323,
  • Suprabath Reddy (Technical Events Core): +91-9010501499,
  • Nanda Kumar (Cultural events cor): +91-9573950314,
  • Yash Pitroda (Infra, Pronites & Production Core): +91-9505464597,
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