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Jai Hind College’s Economics Fest Arthanomics 2018 [Mumbai, Aug 30- Sep 1]: Registrations Open


Arthanomics is the annual festival of the Economics department of Jai Hind College.

Over the years Arthanomics has fast become synonymous with providing a niche platform for students from all disciplines across the nation. One of the fastest growing economics and business fest in the nation, the three day annual event provides an opportunity for students around the country to be part of an amalgamation of economics, business, politics, conceptions, convictions and an insane amount of fun.


  • The Arthanomics Assembly:

An intriguing mix of a parliamentary debate and a typical conference, where participants will have to show exemplary research and  public speaking skills.

  • Policy Pandemonium:

Are you a budding policy enthusiast or a research afficionado? Well, then this is the event for you.

  • Power Play:

Flex your financial muscles, prove your sports acumen, use your powers of persuasion; do whatever it takes to build the best cricket team on the planet.

  • Bulls & Bears:

The Stock Market is not everyone’s cup of tea… but this could be your chance to find out. Participants will emulate real stock-brokers in this event.

  • All’s Well That Sells Well:

How well can you pitch and present a product to a demanding audience? The participants will have to put their diverse marketing skills to a test with this event.

  • Case Study Competition:

An Arthanomics-style case competition, the rounds of which involve teams solving complex business challenges presented to them.

  • Going for the Gold:

Put your academic knowledge, prowess, critical & analytical abilities and creative skills to the test by trying your hand at our collection of games/activities.

  • Crime in Catastrophe:

This event will require all the millennial participants to crunch their numbers, make logical bids and take bold risks, to gain a profitable advantage.

  • Contrarian Column (Online event)

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