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Nirvana Model United Nations Conference @ Billabong High International School, Kanpur [April 19-20] : Registrations Open

About the Event

The Nirvana Model United Nations Conference is the second edition of the same. The first edition took place at Varanasi in October and was a huge success with more than 300 delegates participating from all over India.
This conference provides an opportunity to the students to enhance their potentials and provides an apt platform to showcase their debating skills and learn the practical aspect of what they study in classes.
With an expectation to witness a promising crowd and some brainstorming sessions, the indulgence of more number of students from across the country will bring in an amalgamation of diversified thoughts and ideas, enriching the experience of each and every one. The conference blends together engaging cultural influences and thoughts for a change.

Committees and their Agendas

1. UNGA DISEC – Use of Artificial Intelligence and Remote Drones in Covert Warfare
2. UNSC – Deliberation over the Kurdish Conflict
3. UNHRC – Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
4. AIPPM – Freedom of Speech and Sedition laws in India
5. LOK SABHA – Deliberation on Women Safety Laws in India


Register by using this link.
For Delegates: Rs 1200
For International Press: Rs 1200
With accommodation, Delegate/International Press fee: Rs 2800

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