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Sentience Techno-Cultural Fest @ NIT Delhi [Apr 4-7]: Registrations Open

About Sentience

It is the techno-cultural fest of NIT Delhi. The fest will be conducted on the dates April 4-7.


There are two main categories of events:

  1. Technical Events: Coding, Online, Robotics.

NITD Programming League: “Truth can only be found in one place: the code.” Robert C. Martin minced no words while he made that statement. For those who think themselves as the problem solvers and all the code freaks out there, Sentience’19 is here with a platform for you to prove your mettle.
Clash of Codes: Get ready for your chance to glory, where you would have to unleash your coding skills but, you would win only if you outlast your competitors.
Code Golf: Code Golf is a competitive coding challenge for all the geeks out there, but what makes it different is, you have to code short to fetch more marks. Lesser you code, better you score.
Reverse Coding: The difference between general competitive programming competition and reverse coding is that you will not be given the exact question statement but you will be provided with some set of sample inputs and outputs which will be sufficient enough to guess the problem and then you have to submit a code for your guessed problem.
Virtual Stock Market: Here comes the simulation of it i.e. Virtual Stock Market game presented by Sentience in association with MoneyPot. It is an exciting opportunity to show your investment skills and win prizes by playing this game.
Upside Down: Build a wireless or RC wired bot able to push the balls avoiding all obstacles in its way and putting the balls in the allotted basket to score and the one with the maximum score wins.
Fight Club 2.0: Design and construct a warfare robot which should be capable of knock out other robots from the arena and the last robot standing will be declared as the winner.
2. Cultural Events: Art, Dance, Dramatics, Fashion, Literature, Music, Online.
Colour Splash: Spray Painting is a magical artwork by your beautiful hands. Would the same magical aura be created if the artist switch their dominating hand?
Spotlight: Be it classical, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, locking or Bollywood, through Spotlight, the biggest solo dance extravaganza in Sentience’19, the stage is set for all enthusiastic dancers who have the art deeply rooted in their veins.
Abhinaya: Acting is about finding yourself in the character you are portraying, overlooking the dissimilarities.
Runway: Fashion is art and you, the canvas. From hair to makeup to dressing to confidence; everything matters once you’re up on that stage.
Wordwar: Could you fight the battle of words and come up victorious like the Knight in the shining armour?
Aaron: Do you have the knack to improvise the songs you have listened to a zillionth time and the skill to kill it with music?
Picture Patch: Here is an event where you can showcase your editing skills along with your photography skills. Combine upto 3 photos into a single composition to showcase your Talent and send a message to the audience.

Registration Details
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.

Amarjot Kaur, Core Head: +91 98786 07155

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.


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