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VIT’s Technical Colloquium ARCS 2018 [Vellore, Mar 17-20]: Registrations Open

ARCS 2018 is a technical conference that aims at improving the technical knowledge of young enthusiastic minds. It includes 5 workshops which will welcome bright and and intellectual students from all across India and nourish their zeal for learning by providing a platform where students not only learn skills, but also get an opportunity to apply them.
The highlight of ARCS 2018 is ‘Convoke’ which is an unique 2 day conference where speakers from varied backgrounds will be invited to share their experiences with the students.

  • Convoke
  • HackBattle


  • ¬†Machine Learning

This workshop in the area of neural networks and their applications aims to enhance the intellectuals towards the design of neural networks for real time applications.

  • Internet of Things

IoT essentially makes virtually anything ‘smart’, it enhances every aspect of life with the power of data collection, artificial intelligence algorithms, and networks.

  • Big Data Analytics

Big Data is the ocean of information in which we swim everyday – vast zeta-bytes of flowing data from our computers, mobiles, and machine sensors.

  • Augmented Reality

This workshop will enable participants to work with AR modules, build modules including overlaying text, video, 2D and 3D elements.

  • Cyber Security

This workshop is especially designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Cyber Forensics & Ethical Hacking enthusiasts.
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