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Webinar on Making Profitable Pricing Decisions by ISMA & FIIB [Aug 21; 6:30 PM]: Invitation Open!

The Webinar on “Making Profitable Pricing Decisions” is organized by ISMA & FIIB on Aug 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM.

About the Webinar

In this webinar titled “Making Profitable Pricing Decisions “  Our international Speaker & Pricing expert Mark Stiving, Ph.D , is going to illustrate pricing strategy for corporate success . By the way, value-based pricing is impossible to perfect. After all, you can’t read a buyer’s mind. But it’s an attitude, a vision.  

CMA Gopal Ramanan, Vice President (Finance ) and JPAC Controller of Oracle will be The Chief Guest of this Event.

Make Your Weekend More Productive ( on Saturday 21st Aug at 6.30 PM IST ) by attending a webinar titled “Making Profitable Pricing Decisions” jointly Organized by Indian Society of Management Accountants & Fortune Institute of International Business.

How to Attend?
  • Join by Zoom Link or Meeting ID 95546102645 ( Passcode 326769 )
  • Open Participation


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