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Workshop on Statistics through SPSS @Jammu University [Sep 10-14]: Register by Aug 31

Why is this workshop being organized? While most Students/scholars/faculty members today have access to computers, we are aware that there is a severe shortage of knowledge skills, especially, when it comes to using the computing power of a computer. While researchers spend a lot of time and efforts in collecting and assembling datasets. On these datasets comprehensive analysis can be carried out if the researcher possesses the knowledge of the statistical tools to be employed and ability to run statistical software packages. The amount of information that can be gleaned from datasets as well as the forms in which these results are displayed/expressed can make research infinitely richer. It is for this very reason thatthe participants will be trained in the use of SPSS

Objectives of The Workshop:

The proposed workshop been designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To enhance analytical skills of the young scholars who are engaged in doctoral work or involved in planning for their research work;
  • To equip the participants in quantitative and qualitative research methods and strategies;
  • To sharpen participants’ competence in usage of SPSS ;
  • To impart practical experience with a variety of analytical tools to facilitate the analysis and enabling appropriate interpretation of given hypothesis.
Fees and Registration Procedure:

There are limited 40 seats for this workshop and the selection will be made on first come first get  basis. The registration fee of the workshop is Rs. 2000/- for research scholars and Rs. 3000/- for faculty members. The Fee is payable in Cash Mode only. This fee covers the cost of Workshop-kit and sessional teas. The host university will not bear any meals, travel, and boarding and lodging expenses therefore, outstation participants have to bear their own cost. Any leave during the workshop shall be strictly impermissible.

Target Audience: Faculty members, Research Scholars and students or anyone who are keen to learn SPSS. For the practice and installation of the demo version of SPSS, participants may bring their laptop with them.

How To Apply:

Interested participants may download the application form from the University of Jammu website and submit the duly filled application form to the undersigned on or before August 31th 2018. They are requested to send the soft/scanned copy of same to with cc to and


Dr Parmil Kumar
Workshop Convener
Department of Statistics,
University of Jammu,
Mob. +919419159608

For more details; kindly visit at official site


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